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Image analysis

Apollo agregates a large set of image analysis features from a variety of well know providers like amazon, google, Microsoft and many others. With just a few lines of codes, and without any heavy configurations, Apollo allows you to perform and use image analysis technologies quickly and efficiently.


Below, is a complete list of all image analysis features on Apollo:

  • Object detection: a computer vision technique that allows to identify and locate objects in an image. It takes an image as input and identifies all instances of objects within the image scene. Objects detected within the image are categorized into a class with a confidence score, and their locations are indicated with a rectangular bounding box.
  • Explicit content detection: a technology that detects adult only content in images, which is considered generally inappropriate for people under the age of 18 and may include nudity, sexual activity or pornography.
  • Logo detection: is a technology that can detects popular logos within an image.
  • Similarity search: allows you to look for and extract images in an existing database that are similar to a query image.


By default the image features pricing is calculated per units of 1 files. For more details, please refer to each feature pricing in the documentation. The image features pricing is displayed per units of 1000 files

You can use all those technologies through the platform or SDK. Do not hesitate to check our Getting Started With your API to use the SDK.