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Once you've created your Items and API Integrations, you're ready to create your first workflow!


Workflows allow you to automate your Trust & Safety, compliance, model tuning, fraud and more. When you send us content, we run it through all of your Rules, and those Rules can trigger Actions.

How to Create a Workflow

  1. Navigate to the Rules tab
  2. Click on the workflow you want
  3. Enter a name, and optionally a description If you're using our custom workflows engine
  4. Select which Content Types your Rule should run on - If you're using our custom workflows engine. We'll only ever run this Rule if we receive content that fits one of the Content Types you selected. For preset rules create Content Types first.
  5. For If you're using our custom workflows engine - Construct your Rule's Conditions. Conditions are where the main logic of the Rule lives.
  6. Click "Enable"

Using the python library

Lets install the SDK first...

pip install apollo-sdk

Let's setup your first Integration!

It will pull from your local database (and keep it in sync).

# import the package
from apollo.client import Apollo

# sync data from your database instance
# (we support supabase at the current moment or postgresql via uri format)

# If you want to test out operation on your external connection
Apollo.query("desc", "table", "column")

...and create a workflow with a simple command:

Note: you can use our sandbox api and skip providing a token or obtain a Auth token here, sign up today on our Site

# import the package
from apollo.client import Apollo

# Use any provider
Apollo.use("google_perspective:<model name>", secret="YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE")

# Lets check to see if a phrase contains threats
Apollo.detectText(prompt="Phrase1", content_id="content-id", community_id="user-id")

Example response:

"attributeScores": {
"spanScores": [
"begin": 0,
"end": 12,
"score": { "value": 0.008090926, "type": "PROBABILITY" }
"summaryScore": { "value": 0.008090926, "type": "PROBABILITY" }
"spanScores": [
"begin": 0,
"end": 12,
"score": { "value": 0.008804884, "type": "PROBABILITY" }
"summaryScore": { "value": 0.008804884, "type": "PROBABILITY" }
"SPAM" // ...
"languages": ["en"],
"clientToken": "content_123",
"detectedLanguages": ["en", "fil"]

Experimental inputs:

# Create custom rules which creates a task!
Apollo.rule('Phrase1', '>=', '0.8')

Apollo.detectImage('Image1', 'contains', 'VERY_LIKELY') # Image Analysis/OCR
Apollo.detectSpeech('Audio1', 'contains', 'UNLIKELY') # Audio Processing
Apollo.detectVideo('Video1', 'contains', 'POSSIBLE') # Video Analysis
Apollo.detectText('Phrase1', 'contains', 'UNKNOWN') # Text Analysis
Apollo.test('prompt', 'expected_output') # ML Validation